Unseasonably warm temperatures could not prevent Yokohama from staging the first ever Ice Cross race in Asia, 14 months ago and fans were not disappointed with the action.


Check out all the best action from the fifth stop of the 2019/2020 Red Bull Ice Cross World Championship in Rautalampi, Finland. 


With four back-to-back races this month that culminates in the ATSX 1000 race in Yokohama this weekend, get the recap on all the races so far to see how riders have fared up to this point this season.


Robin and Andrew Worling, two British skaters with an attitude, are ready to battle for every square-foot of ice this Saturday in Yokohama challenging for the first ATSX 1000 race of the year. 


The son of action sports stars, he was put in skates before he could even walk.


The track is ready in Yokohama, all athletes are in great shape after five exciting races in Europe and North America, now the first ATSX 1000 race of the year is only a few days away, next Saturday in Japan. 


Former World Champion Marco Dallago (Austria) won his second ATSX 500 race of the season, Saturday in Rautalampi, ahead of another Ice Cross master, Kyle Croxall (Canada), and ideally prepared the ATSX 1000 summit scheduled for next week in Yokohama (Japan).


Former World Champions Kyle Croxall and Marco Dallago, as well as his younger brother Luca, are on top of the list of favourites for the ATSX 500 race scheduled this Saturday in Rautalampi (Finland), 100 km north-east of Jyväskylä.


The first ATSX 1000 race of the 2019-20 Red Bull Ice Cross World Championship kicks off in Yokohama, Japan on Feburary 15. Get a glimpse of the track the downhill skaters will take on with this animation.


So, you think you’re a fast ice-skater and you rule at the local pump track. What’s next? Ice Cross Downhill, of course!



Cameron Naasz made it two wins out of three ATSX races this winter by winning on Saturday in Percé, ahead of fellow American Michael Iulianello and former World Champion Kyle Croxall.


Reigning World Champions Cameron Naasz and Amanda Trunzo will be the riders to beat this weekend in Percé, for the first of two ATSX races scheduled in the next three weeks in Québec, east of Canada. 


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Ice Cross… So you think this sport is absolutely thrilling and have what it takes to join the competition? Here's a little guide on where to start.


Check out the best action from the third stop of the 2019/2020 Red Bull Ice Cross World Championship in Mont du Lac.