How To Get Into Ice Cross

ICE CROSS… You think this sport is absolutely thrilling and you have what it takes to join the competition? Here is a Short guide on how to start.


Create an athlete profile on the ATSX database using as much detail as possible. Make sure the email used is valid.  Please only use roman alphabet letters (e.g. no Japanese, Arabic, Cyrillic characters). You will be attributed an official Rider’s Code (e.g. USA0136M). This code will be linked to your participation in every race.


To register for an event, you will first need an ATSX License. We offer both sinlge event licenses and full season license. A single event license costs 75€ and is eligible for one event. A full season license includes all ATSX sanctioned events from July 1st through the following June 30th and costs 95€. These both are purchased from your Dashboard on the ATSX Database.

Note: The ATSX License does NOT include the race fee set by each event organizer. Be sure to have both License fee and Race fee paid before accredidation.


What is the ATSX? It stands for All Terrain Skate Cross and is the international federation/governing body of the sport of Ice Cross.

There are different competition levels: ATSX 250 (entry level), ATSX 500 (higher competition), and invitation-only ATSX 1000 (formerly Red Bull Crashed Ice).

ATSX 250 and ATSX 500 races

These levels are open to all individuals. These races are for new athletes and veteran riders. They are designed to introduce beginners to the sport and also hone the skills of seasoned athletes.

ATSX 1000 races

These are top level races. Athletes must qualify to compete at this level. Qualifying points are awarded by participating in the lower level 250 and 500 point races. These points determine a world ranking. The top athletes are then invited to participate at any ATSX 1000 races.

More details on the different levels of competition available in the Athlete’s Rulebook.


This category is for both male and female riders under the age of 21. Junior athletes must be younger than 21 years of age as of July 1st on the start of the season.

An individual may compete in both Junior and Senior categories of the same event provided they qualify for both categories.

Juniors under the age of 18 will need to have a parent or legal guardian's consent. A disclaimer must be signed by both the athlete and their parent or legal guardian.

5) Race registration

1) From your Dashboard on the ATSX Database, click “Register for...” under each individual event and follow the prompts.

2) Registration fees for each race will be indicated. Payment may be directly through the ATSX Database or through an external link via the organizer’s website. Link to each organizer website are accessible in the information section of each event in the 'Calendar & Results' on

Note: If you want to compete in both Junior and Senior categories(and are eligible for both), you will need to register twice (once per category).

Registration window for each race is indicated on the registration section. Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation and it will show on your Dashboard at

Please note that registration is only valid once payment has been completed. The organization reserves the right to remove any athlete who registered and did not pay the registration fee, in order to allow other athletes to register. For Payment issues, please contact the event organizer or the ATSX.

6) Contacts

Still have questions? We are happy to answer them:

  • National Ice Cross Association/Federation

Czech Republic



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