Mont Du Lac 2022

THU, january 27th 2022
13:00 PM qualifier accreditation opens
13:45 Riders briefing (PM qualifier athletes only)
14:00 PM qualifiers
FRI, January 28th 2022
08:00 AM qualifier accreditation opens
08:45 Riders briefing (AM qualifier athletes only)
09:00 AM qualifiers
13:00 Riders briefiing (LCQ and junior athletes only)
13:30 Last chance qualifier race - juniors race
SAT, January 29th 2022
10:00 Riders briefing (main event athletes only)
11:45 ATSX250 main event

Location map


Course map





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How can I participate in the race?
Where can I buy tickets as a spectator?
When does it start?
How do I get there?
Can I buy food and drinks at the location?
Can I try the course myself?
What happens with the course after the race?
Who is organizing this race?
Who is participating in this race?
How many points can athletes earn in this race?
Does it count towards the ATSX Ice Cross World Championship?