Victories in Lost Valley brought runners-up to the world championship

In the men's race, veteran Michael Urban from the Czech Republic took the fifth victory of his career and with it the runner-up world championship title ahead of Lukasz Korzestanski from Poland, who finished tenth which was enough to overtake local matador Kale Johnstone.

The victory of Justine Zonne from Latvia also meant securing second place in the World Championship standings behind the reigning World Champion Veronika Windisch.

In the juniors, in the absence of the two best of the season, Niklas Begander and Arthur Fort, there was a new winner in Wesley Clements from the United States.

Results Lost Valley: Men: 1. Michael Urban (CZE), 2. Eric Milinkovic (CAN), 3. Brittan Morris (USA), 4. Laurent Goulet Garneu (CAN), 5. Martin Nahlovsky (CZE), 6. Matt Kawahara (USA), 7. Kale Johnstone (USA), 8. Skyler Diamond-Burchuk, 9. Jack Schram (USA), 10. Lukasz Korzestanski (POL); Women: 1. Justine Zonne (LAT), 2. Jordan Sewcak (USA), 3. Michelle Mulder (USA), 4. Sarah Seibold, 5. Elise Roy (both USA); Juniors: 1. Wesley Clements, 2. Wyatt Francoeur, 3. Brody Subler (all USA), 4. Stefan Vajsabel (CAN), 5. Jack Beatson (USA). World Championship results: 1. Robin Worling (CAN), 2. Michael Urban (CZE), 3. Lukasz Korzestanski (POL), 4. Kale Johnstone (USA), 5. Eric Milinkovic (CAN); Women: 1. Veronika Windisch (AUT), 2. Justine Zonne (LAT), 3. Virginie Schneider (BEL) 4. Michelle Mulder (CAN), 5. Sarah Seibold (USA); Juniors: 1. Niklas Begander (AUT), 2. Arthur Fort (FRA), 3. Stefan Vasjabel (CAN); 4. Wyatt Francoeur, 5. Jack Beatson (both USA);