One race crowns three world champions

The season finale at Lost Valley Ski Resort in the US state of Maine taking place on January 24th will be an exhibition event for Canadian Robin Worling and the two top Austrians Veronika Windisch and Niklas Begander. The trio secured the World Championship titles early at the ATSX Ice Cross race in Sainte-Angèle-de-Mérici in the Canadian province of Quebec. After dominating for the second year in a row, Worling is just as uncatchable as Veronika Windisch, who impressively underlined her dominance with her 15th win in a row! After two victories so far, Niklas Begander was able to make everything clear with his second place finish ahead of his title rival, Arthur Fort from France, and behind up-and-comer Jack Beatson from the USA.
In the men's category, the two veterans Kale Johnstone from the USA and Maxime Nadeau from Canada landed on the podium behind Worling, which gave Johnstone the chance to become runner-up in the World Championship.
Results, Men: 1. Robin Worling (CAN), 2. Kale Johnstone (USA), 3. Maxime Nadeau, 4.
Laurent Goulet Garneau, 5. Michael Romano, 6. Eric Milinkovic (all CAN), 7. Luke Webb (AUS), 8. Antonin Chiberches (FRA), 9. Jack Beatson (USA), 10. Niklas Begander (AUT);
Women: 1. Veronika Windisch (AUT), 2. Justine Zonne (LAT), 3. Daisy Castonguay (CAN), 4. Sarah Seibold (USA), 5. Virginie Schneider (BEL);
Juniors: 1. Jack Beatson (USA), 2. Niklas Begander (AUT), 3. Arthur Fort (FRA), 4. Emerick Keller (FRA), 5. Stefan Vajsabel (CAN).