World Championship Title Decided by Final Heat of Season

SOINI (Finland). The decision in the ATSX Ice Cross World Championships could not have been more exciting: In all three categories, the overall victory was only decided in the final heat of the seven-event season across Europe and North America this winter.

In front of an impressive crowd of spectators and in the freezing cold, the winners of the day also secured their world title.

In the Men's category, former Junior World Champion Mirko Lahti secured his first title in the category. The finale in Soini turned into a duel with Canadian Robin Worling, who was only a few meters short of overall victory. In the battle for third place, Shayne Renaud from Canada was able to have the upper hand over Richard Van Wijhe from Sweden, who finsihed with the same number of points.

Latvia's Justine Zonne was unable to stay on her feet and secure the World Championship, leaving the title for Austria's Veronika Windish. Amandine Condroyer from France was close behind in both the event and Championship ranking. Next season will have even more on the line for these women.

Artur Richalet-Chadeur from France won the Juniors race, but second place was enough for Linus Ollikainen from Finland to win the overall title. Three athletes tied in points for third, but Nik Begander from Austria came out on top against Artur Fort from France and Elias Vauhkonen from Finland.


Soini Results:

Men: 1st Mirko Lahti (FIN), 2nd Robin Worling (CAN), 3rd Shayne Renaud (CAN), 4th Marco Dallago (AUT), 5th Arthur Richalet-Chadeur (FRA), 6th Patrick Merz (SUI), 7th Linus Ollikainen (FIN), 8th Luca Engler (GER), 9th Janni Saarinen (FIN), 10th Richard Van Wihje (SWE)

Women: 1st Veronika Windisch (AUT), 2nd Justine Zonne (LAT), 3rd Amadine Condroyer (FRA)

Juniors: 1st Arthur Richalet-Chadeur (FRA), 2nd Linus Ollikainen (FIN), 3rd Nik Begander (AUT)


Overall World Championship

Men: 1st Mirko Lahti (FIN) 975 points, 2nd Robin Worling (CAN) 950, 3rd Shayne Renaud (CAN) 625, 4th Richard Van Wihje (SWE) 625, 5th Marco Dallago (AUT) 600

Women: 1st Veronika Windisch (AUT) 1000, 2nd Justine Zonne (LAT) 950, 3rd Amadine Condroyer (FRA) 825, 4th Virginie Schnieder (BEL) 712, 5th Michelle Mulder (CAN) 650

Juniors: 1st Linus Ollikainen (FIN) 950, 2nd Arthur Richalet-Chadeur (FRA) 875, 3rd Nik Begander (AUT) 750, 4th Arthur Fort (FRA) 750, 5th Elias Vaukhonen FIN) 750