Back-to-back Wins in Warm Weather

AUBURN, ME (USA). Robin Worling and Justine Zonne of the Men’s and Women’s respective categories battled to come out on top at the newest US race location at Lost Valley in Auburn, Maine. The fifth stop on the 2022-2023 ATSX Ice Cross World Championship tour saw an uncertain, yet exciting race weekend as warm weather plagued the Northeastern United States and threatened track conditions. American Jack Beatson remained unbeaten in the US as he took his second win of the season in the Junior’s division. The Lost Valley track made its debut to the Ice Cross tour, measuring almost 460 meters in length and featuring a less technical, but fast-paced design. Unseasonably warm weather threatened to cancel the event altogether, but volunteers, athletes, and Lost Valley staff worked tirelessly to ensure suitable conditions come race day.


In the Men’s category, Robin Worling (CAN) secured his second win and third podium of the season, beating out Steven Cox (CAN) in 2nd place, Maxime Nadeau (CAN) in 3rd place, and younger brother Andrew Worling (GBR) in 4th place for an all-Canadian podium. Worling pulled away at the end, using the track’s downhill features and straightaway to pick up speed and lock in the win. Canadian athletes dominated the Men’s division as they secured six of the top eight positions. Rounding out the top eight for the men’s category were: 5th Derek Abrahamson (USA), 6th Michael Romano (CAN), 7th Laurent Goulet Garneau (CAN), and 8th Christian Richard (CAN).


In the women’s category,  Justine Zonne (LAT) repeated her prior weekend performance in Canada, securing her second win and fourth podium of the season. Zonne made no mistakes from top to bottom as she battled with veteran Tam Meuwissen (USA), and newcomers Josefine Hansen (USA) and Sarah Seibold (USA). The Lost Valley Ice Cross event marked Hansen’s and Seibold’s debut to the sport and Hansen’s first podium finish. Rounding out the top eight for the women were: 5th Jordan Sewczak (USA), 6th Meg Finlay (USA), 7th Jennifer Wolfe (USA), and 8th Suzanne Driscoll (USA).


The Junior’s category saw a familiar face atop the podium in Jack Beatson (USA) as he took his second win of the season, repeating his performance since last competing at Mont du Lac two weeks earlier. Beatson remains undefeated among the Juniors in his second race of the 2022-2023 season. Two new athletes were added to the Juniors podium as 14-year-old Brody Subler (USA) took 2nd and Wesley Clements (USA) placed 3rd for podium finishes in their Ice Cross debuts. Brandon Roldan placed 4th for his fourth top-ten finish of the season. Rounding out the top eight for the Juniors category were: 5th Nicolas Lachance (CAN), 6th Stefan Vajsabel (CAN), 7th Wyatt Francoeur (USA), and 8th Antoine Blanchet (CAN).


The 2022-2023 ATSX Ice Cross World Championship season will wrap up with the final two races of the tour taking place in Finland over the next two weekends. An ATSX250 event will be held in Rautalampi on February 17th/18th and the season finale will boast an ATSX500 event in Soini on February 24th/25th.



MEN: 1st Robin Worling (CAN), 2nd Steven Cox (CAN), 3rd Maxime Nadeau (CAN)

WOMEN: 1st Justine Zonne (LAT), 2nd Tam Meuwissen (USA), 3rd Josefine Hansen (USA)

JUNIORS: 1st Jack Beatson (USA), 2nd Brody Subler (USA), 3rd Wesley Clements (USA)