Worling and Zonne win in Saint-Angèle-de-Mérici

Quebec (Canada). Despite extreme cold and violent winds, nearly 100 athletes from Canada and abroad competed in the fourth stop of the ATSX Ice Cross World Championship tour in Saint-Angèle-de-Mérici, Quebec, Canada. The frigid weather conditions did not discourage fans either with over 1,500 people stopping by to check out the action.

The 250m long track surprised some familiar faces with its technicality and resemblance to a pump track. Having built several tracks in the past, Steven Cox (CAN) and Chantal Caron (CAN) delivered excellent ice conditions which helped athletes move flawlessly throughout the track.

The Men’s final did not disappoint as long-time Ice Cross World Championship veterans Guillaume Bouvet-Morriessette (CAN), Luca Dallago (AUT), Steven Cox (CAN), and Robin Worling (CAN) fought for the podium. In the end, Robin Worling (CAN) prevailed, taking first place, followed closely by Guillaume Bouvet-Morriessette (CAN), and Luca Dallago (AUT) in third. Rounding out the top eight for the Men’s category were: 5TH Daniel Guolla (CAN), 6TH Michael Romano (CAN), 7TH Shayne Renaud (CAN), and 8TH Laurent Goulet-Garneau (CAN.

On the Women’s side, Justine Zonne (LAT) was able to secure a much deserved first-place finish, followed by two new faces on the ATSX Ice Cross World Championship tour. An extreme sports enthusiast, Melanie Campeau (CAN) was able to grab second place and Daisy Castonguay (CAN) secured third place in their very first Ice Cross event. Rounding out the top eight for the women were: 5th Dominique Lefebvre (CAN), 6th Michelle Mulder (CAN), 7th Suzanne Driscoll (USA), and 8th Chantal Caron (CAN).

Finally, the Junior final was a battle between France and Canada, with Arthur Fort (FRA) making a strategic pass to take the win. In his very first Ice Cross event, Edouard Proulx (CAN) took second place and shocked many athletes with a 9th place finish in the Men’s category as well. In third came Emerick Keller from France, securing his first podium finish this year. Rounding out the top eight for the juniors were: 5th Stefan Vajsabel (CAN), 6th Samuel O’Brien (CAN), 7th Antoine Blanchet (CAN), and 8th Brandon Roldan (USA).

The next stop of the tour is in Lost Valley, Maine in the United States, followed by two more races in Finland.


MEN: Robin Worling (CAN), 2nd Guillaume Bouvet-Morriessette (CAN), 3rd Luca Dallago (AUT)

WOMEN: 1st Justin Zonne (LAT), 2nd Melanie Campeau (CAN), 3rd Daisy Castonguay (CAN)

JUNIORS: 1st Arthur Fort (FRA), 2nd Edouard Proulx (CAN), 3rd Emerick Keller (FRA)