Mother Nature Forces Event Change in Nagano

As the sport of Ice Cross continues to develop and spread across the different continents and locations, there has been a series of circumstances which has lead the ATSX, along with the local organisers, to arrive at a decision about the race scheduled on February 2nd in Nagano, Japan.
Based on the information received, it is not going to be possible to fulfil the minimum requirements of an ATSX 250 race under the forecasted warm weather conditions. A big thank you to the organizers who have put a lot of effort into the race so far, but unfortunately Mother Nature is creating trouble due to the warm weather conditions that are predicted.
Being responsible for our athletes we need to change the status of the race in Nagano from an ATSX 250 to an ATSX 100. With such a race there is still opportunities to host an official ATSX race even if the course is shorter and/or narrower. That also means that the points won´t count towards the World Championship but towards the World Ranking (for further details see the rulebook). If the conditions on the course are good enough, the course will be at least a training location for the ATSX1000 event in Yokohama on February 15. 
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